Pre-Answer Whisper Messages

Give yourself an edge with call channel context before calls are connected.


Pre-answer Whisper Messages provide you with marketing channel context before the call is connected giving you a heads up before the call even begins.

Be Informed Before the Call Starts

Whisper Messaging can be very useful for your sales team to have the right context when answering the phone. The Whisper Messsage can give the call recipient key context to assist in handling the call effectively. Whisper Messages are also avaiable for both our standard call forwarding trackers and Call Flows.

Whisper Messaging Benefits
  • Give the call recipient context for how to handle the inbound call more effectlive.
  • Gain deeper insight into what triggered the call to assist with the sales process.
  • Provide quick service and support to advertised support lines.
  • Only the call recipient will hear the message while the caller continues to hear ringing.

Read more about how to Whisper Messages can be setup in a Call Flow or with the standard Tracker Settings.

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