Call Flows

Create custom inbound call handling flows for your business.


Our integrated Call Flow builder helps you build custom call handling logic that fits your business. Build a unqiue flow for how you’d like to handle incoming calls.

Call Flow

Call Tracker’s Call Flows Features
  • Add greeting for your caller to announce sales or support information to callers.
  • Call forwarding that allows you to send calls to multiple recipients.
  • Call recording to listen to call details and review even after the call has ended.
  • Forward the call to multiple recipients with optional ring timeout handling.
  • Pre-answer "Whisper Messages" for the call recipient marketing channel context when answering the phone.
  • Voicemail integration to allow your callers to leave a voicemail for missed calls.
  • Voicemail notifications and transcriptions for easy access on the go or share with your team.
Call Recording Gives You Highly Valuable Feedback

Recording a sales call may seem like a simple tool, but it offers your company an abundance of opportunities. Beyond simply improving training measures or monitoring employee behavior, it can give you true insights into building better marketing strategies.

Listening to your recorded phone calls will allow you to pinpoint the keywords and the advertising methods that are striking a chord with your customers. You can get concrete data on what marketing efforts are getting your customers to pick up the phone. It can also help your sales team hear where they are excelling and where they need a little improvement to close the deal.

Pre-anwser Whisper Messages

Adding whisper messages to your call flow allows your team members to understand the prompts for the incoming calls immediately. This allows the team to tailor their sales approach for the customer before they even answer the call.

The whisper message plays immediately before the call with the customer is connected. It doesn’t add significantly to their wait time, but it does tremendously help your sales approach. The message can give the team member insight into what marketing channel triggered the call or where the call was originated, such as a social media channel or a billboard advertisement.

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