Real Time Call Analytics

Get Real-Time Call Insights to Help Your Team Make Data-Driven Marketing Decisions.


The most important part of the call tracking’s value to marketers is the data that the tracked calls can give you regarding your marketing channels and campaigns’ performance. With the Call Tracker’s suite of call analytics software, you will be able to see your marketing trends as they happen. The data is processed in real time so that you can see exactly what methods are driving your incoming calls.

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Get Advanced Reporting

Our tracking numbers can provide you with accurate and detailed call reports. You will be able to see the calls by date and time, and you will also be able to pull the calls by source. You can also use our advanced Number Pool trackers to generate keyword level reprots to help facilitate your SEO and marketing efforts.

Call Tracker’s Calls Reports Features
  • Real-time data with no processing times. You will get your call data information while it is happening
  • Access to all of your historical call data so you can monitor the long term trends
  • Multiple chart types to help you visualize the data and make it more palatable for your team
  • Calls by Tracker report that is great for comparing your campaigns and getting a quick analysis
  • Calls by Keyword report so digital advertisers can track AdWords and keywords performances
  • Calls by Source Channel so digital marketers can see which of their sources are converting and which are underperforming.
  • Call data exports for custom reporting and data processing in Excel.
Call Tracking Analytics Can Help Your Marketing Efforts

When you use the Call Tracker’s call tracking software suite and begin tracking calls, you will find that you are able to shorten your lead response time, and you will get an inside look at which leads are working the hardest for your company.

You will also be able to compare your data as it comes in and watch the long-term trends. You will easily be able to see the trends of the incoming calls and compare them to your ongoing marketing efforts. Plus, all of this data is provided in one central location keeping your call tracking efforts easy and convenient across your different marketing channels.

Read more about the Call Tracker reporting features and learn how they can help your business grow.

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